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Travian Bot building queue May 14, 2007

Posted by pawnee in Uncategorized.

We moved!!!

Please visit


to download pawnee’s travianbot.



1. nerokeri - May 28, 2007

I got it work once and after it builded one field – after starting it again it’s not even connecting anymore. Can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Deleted files and copied again – same result. What on earth could’ve gone broken?

2. pawnee - May 29, 2007

did you enter the parameters correctly? you have to seperate the field id’s with a point. and if you have just one village you have to enter 0.
do you get an error message?

3. nerokeri - May 29, 2007

After fighting with the program for several hours it started working again. I don’t know if the reason was when I put “night-mode” on or something else. I’m very sure parameters were fine, field ID’s and everything else.

Now it’s working great and I’ve been running it for 9 hours and seems to be working great!

PS. There was no actual error message but when I forced the program to close there was something about line 263 and sleep interrpution. It felt weird since the program never tried to log in. Works now so it seems to be a mystery?

PS2. Can you explain me what night-mode does? At here or email.

4. LOBOMINATOR - May 29, 2007

The sleep interrupting message is not actually an error. The bot calculates the time it needs plus some random time for having enough ressources for the next ID in the queue. Then the bot sleeps this amount of time. If you force the program to shut down you almost certainly interrupt it during the sleeping mode. Then ruby outputs some debuggininformation.

The nightmode is a mode that the bot won’t build during the night. Pawnee believed that it could draw attention when you are also online during the night. For players who don’t want their bot building during the night they can activate the nightmode…

Hope that helps

5. nerokeri - May 30, 2007

That was one thing I thought when shutting down the program. Another thing I thought was that the random time would be really, really high for some reason but I believe that wasn’t the case.

Well anyways. I was tired trying to figure out the program at the middle of the night so I might’ve done something wrong with the parameters by accident.
Main thing is, it works now – it’s very simple to use and with google translate I managed to understand most of the things written in the rb file in german 🙂

Thank you very much for the fast answers and for your efforts making this excellent queue-system! Really impressing work 🙂

6. pawnee - May 30, 2007

Thank you Lobominator. Well explained.
About the german comments and parameters: At first the program was not meant for the public but i’m glad to hear this program helps some travian gamers.

7. Bill - June 1, 2007

The program works great on the S7 server. I just tried to run it on the speed server and it doesn’t work. Something about the cookie not being authorized. Doesn’t looklike they changed anything. It look smore like a problem with the net/http or something? Any ideas?

8. LOBOMINATOR - June 7, 2007

I tried it also on the speed server with no success. I think you just need to adapt the selection of the loginfields in the switch case statement of the loginpart in the code. The travian guys made some effort to randomly generate their loginfields and IDs. So maybe there’s another hidden inputfield or something like that on the startpage. That would mean you’d have to adapt the loginscript to your needs. Maybe pawnee can help you a little more 😀

9. botter - June 8, 2007

in instructions it says : install Ruby , could any one please tell me what ruby is and where to download it beacause i can’t find it in the zip files i got when i downloaded it.
thank you 🙂

10. LOBOMINATOR - June 11, 2007

Do you use Windows? If you use windows you could download the setup file from the ruby website. This properly installs all the needed packages for the travianbot.

11. Pukimanchick - June 13, 2007

Hey. Is there a way you can make the script work with speed.travian.com?
I tried to edit it manually, only to find myself getting an “error: Authorization failed” 😦

12. pawnee - June 13, 2007

@ Pukimanchick & Bill
I got a lot of request to rewrite my code for speed worlds. At the moment I have no spare time for it. Maybe in a month I will try to rewrite the code. But i would advise to study my code by your own and adapt it to the speed worlds.
thank you

13. trukker - June 15, 2007

tx for all the efforts you did for this program.

I tried on the dutch server s2.travian.nl and I always get
error: cannot authorize

Im very sure my login/password is correct..
Any idea maybe?


14. stiephel - June 17, 2007

Was mache ich falsch?

1. Ich habe Ruby installiert
2. Habe ich Rechtsklick auf Datei –> Bearbeiten. Dann habe ich die Zeilen usrname und pswd geändert
3. Ich finde keine Zeile in der id. id. id. oder ähnliches steht?

Wenn ich travian.rb starte beendet sich das Programm nach 1 Sek wieder

15. stiephel - June 17, 2007

In English.

What are I’m doing wrong?

1. I installed Ruby
2. I changed in the file travian.rb the lines usrname and pswd
3. but now I can’t find a line with the content id. id. id. ???

If I start Travian.rb the program is closed after 1 second.

P.S.: Sorry for my German Post, but I think the author of this file is speaking German

16. LOBOMINATOR - June 18, 2007

Hello Stephiel
Actually you don’t need to edit the username and password in the travian.rb file. You just need to provide your username and password while executing the programm!

ruby travian.rb USERNAME password buildId.buildId dorfID

Hope that helps…

17. stiephel - June 18, 2007

Oh, I didn’t knew that I have to run it with the windows shell! That was the problem. Now I have another one: Im playing on http://welt2.travian.de/ and i copied this into the travian.rb file (cause there was welt1). but the program says that it can’t login (the username and password is correct)! Is it possible that my cookiesettings are to safe?

Thx for the help

18. trukker - June 18, 2007

I have got the same problem as stiephel.
changed http://welt1.travian.de/ to http://s2.travian.nl/

then from cmd promt
ruby travian.rb USERNAME password buildId.buildId dorfID

log file says.. INFO — : Travianbot wird gestartet
but then…
error: cannot authorize

Hope someone can help us

19. tennent - June 18, 2007

hi this seems a nice scipt does a nice job but i would love it to do attacks (farm) the coords i give it and the troops i send with it is there any way the bot can do it?


20. stiephel - June 19, 2007

No it’s just a building bot.

21. nerokeri - June 21, 2007

To stiephel:

Have you changed both the lines in the code to match the welt3?
For example in finnish servers it had to be done this way:

START_URL = 'http://s3.travian.fi'
MAIN_URL = 'http://s3.travian.fi/'

(Testing if the thing works, don't be surprised if it looks silly.)

22. bubble - June 22, 2007

I tried some things…addes some puts for some debugging:
# authorize
puts ‘– Login ——————‘
data = “action=dorf1.php&login=#{loginvalue}&#{loginform_name}=#{usrname}&#{loginform_pass}=#{passwd}&#{loginform_hidden}=”&autologin=ja”
puts ‘loginstring: ‘ + data
$header[‘Referer’] = PATH_LOGIN
$cookie = nil;
resp, data = http.post(PATH_DORF1, data, $header)
resp.each { |key, val|
puts ‘key: ‘ +key
if key == ‘set-cookie’
$cookie = val
puts ‘accepted cookie: ‘ + val
#kein cookie := error
if $cookie == nil
puts ‘error: cannot authorize’
exit 1
this is what output I get:
(user changed to uxxx and passw to pxxx)

— Login —————–
loginstring: action=dorf1.php&login=&=uxxx&=pxxx&=”&autologin=ja
key: connection
key: content-type
key: date
key: server
key: content-length
error: cannot authorize

script says if key == ‘set-cookie’
bu this condition never becomes true…..?

Anyone who can help me a bit

23. Drakie - June 22, 2007

did you already found some spare time to rewrite the code for the speed server? i really need it and it think a lot of other players too. thanks for the effort.

24. Drakie - June 24, 2007

Can maybe somebody help me:
when i put these parameters into the travian.tb file:

#dynammic Settings
usrname = …[0]
passwd = …[1]
buildQueue = id7.id8.id9[2].split
$dorfId = 52603[3]

if ARGV.length > 4

i get the error:
— Error: less arguments ——-
usage: travian.rb username passwd buildqueue dorfid
>Exit code: 1

probably i d something wrong with de build ID
can somebody help me?
(i use the right pass and username)

25. nerokeri - June 24, 2007

You don’t put the parameters in the file but in the command line when starting the program. For example C:\Ruby\

ruby travian.rb username password buildid.buildid2.buildidX dorfid12345

Hope this helps you out

26. Drakie - June 24, 2007

i can now run the program but i use the dutch speed server
i already wrote the messages above that the program does’n’t work yet on the speed server. I already tried some thinks but al always get the error:“error: Authorization failed”
so i hope somebody else can rewrite the code or adjust it for the speed server.


27. ghost - June 25, 2007

can it work on server com ?

28. Hip - June 26, 2007

Thanks for making the effort us slackers are to lazy for 🙂
Got a question though. What does the buildid represent? Would build_id “1” be a silo for instance?

Another question is, can the script be used to upgrade a building to the next level?

Thanks again,

29. Hip - June 26, 2007

NL Speedserver: these settings work…. :
#static Settings
START_URL = ‘http://speed.travian.nl/’
MAIN_URL = ‘http://speed.travian.nl/’
PATH_LOGIN = MAIN_URL + ‘login.php?del_cookie’
PATH_DORF1 = MAIN_URL + ‘dorf1.php’
PATH_DORF2 = MAIN_URL + ‘dorf2.php’
PATH_BUILD = MAIN_URL + ‘build.php’

Have fun Dutchies !

30. LOBOMINATOR - June 27, 2007

Hello Hip
The buildID is actually the ID of the cell on the villagemap or the ressourcemap. If you put your cursor on a ressourcefield you will see the ID showed in the mouse over hint. Let’s say you have a ressourcefield with ID “2” and it’s currently on level 2 you can push it to for example level 5 if you provide in your buildIDchain the following sequence “2.2.2”. That’s the clue of the building bot 😀


31. archvid - June 27, 2007

Sorry for writing this pretty nooby question, but how do I actually start the program? Do I have to start ruby and type “run travian.rb” or something like that? Cause I wonder were i´m supposed to type the information.

Thankful for answers

32. Hip - June 27, 2007

ruby travian.rb 0 should do it

33. Hip - June 27, 2007

Thanks Lobominator,
It became clear which was which when I fired off the bot, and saw what was built in my web browser.

Some translations for the .rb file for you(pretty much most puts statements):
Travianbot wird gestartet – Travianbot is fired up
Cookie Gultig – Cookie is valid
Stundenproduktion – Hourly Resource Production
Holz – Wood
Lehm – Clay
Eisen – Iron
Getreide – Wheat
Lager – Supply or Storage
Es wird noch gebaut – Building in progress
Warte bis – Wait until
falsche startseite – Wrong start-site
Nicht genuegend rohstoffe fue buildID
– Not enough resources for buildID (or… building currenlty in progress)
Benoetigt – Required
Vorhanden – Available
Produktion – Production
Zeit – Time
wird gebaut – is under construction
Fehler beim Authorisieren – Login failure
Wiederhole Authorisierung – Login retry
Auftrag fertig – Job done


34. Hip - June 27, 2007

My previous post was not displayed correctly (used wrong characters)
Here is the statement again:

ruby travian.rb [login name] [password] 7.16.25 0
…should do it, and kick off upgrade actions on build-id 7, 16, 25 in village “0” (your start village)

35. pawnee - June 28, 2007

I would like to thank all of you for you effords arround this bot. I didnt expected such a run on my bot. I nearly finished my school so I’ll have time in the second week of juli to work on this great program. Stay tuned.

36. nerokeri - June 28, 2007

We all thank you for your efforts making this bot 🙂
Would be awesome if some forum could be put running for more easy communication.


37. archvid - June 28, 2007

Ok, unfortunatly that doesnt work for me. Can it be because I play on I Swedish server or that I have windows?
First i start up ruby, then I type: ruby travian.rb username password 0
then I press enter.
And then an error message appears, saying something like: put 0 before dot, said and done:
ruby travian.rb username password 0.
Then this comes up : irb(main):009:0*
When I check up on my travian account nothing has happend, btw am I supposed to be logged in to my travian account while i do this?

Thank you.

38. LOBOMINATOR - June 28, 2007

Hello Archvid
If you installed ruby correctly on windows there should be no problem. You entered this sequence:

ruby travian.rb username password 0.

That’s not valid. Zero is no buildID. Your buildID should look like this (asuming that “0” is your villageID):

ruby travian.rb username password 0

39. archvid - June 29, 2007

Ok i´m sorry but when I try that I get the message:

“syntax error, unexpected tFLOAT”

Unfortunatly I don´t even know whats supposed to happen, so I don´t know how close I am to make it work.

Sorry for being anoying, thanks for all the help and the bot itself.

40. Drakie - June 29, 2007

hi Pawnee
i hope you got the time in the second week of juli to adjust the program voor de speed servers.

grtzz en good luck at school

41. Hip - June 30, 2007

There’s a bug in your app.
— Supplies ——————
Supplies 4 : 2609/9600 6279 (wheat available)

it should read:
870 2609 etc.

The array where you store the available resources in, is built 4,3,2,1 (wood, clay, iron, wheat).
The requirements should be built the same way. Then it will match.


42. Hip - July 1, 2007

My previous post got mixed up. Let me try it again.

— Supplies ——————
Supplies 4 : 2609/9600 —- wood
Supplies 3 : 1078/9600 —- clay
Supplies 2 : 8855/9600 —- iron
Supplies 1 : 6279/6300 —- wheat

Short on resources for buildId 1

Required Available Production Time(s)
870 6279 498 0
2170 8855 600 0
1085 1078 660 38
1300 2609 666 0

so that is:
870 (=wood) 6279 (=wheat)

It should read:
870(=wood) 2609 (=wood)

The array where you store the available resources in, is built 4,3,2,1 (wood, clay, iron, wheat).
The requirements should be built the same way. Then it will match.

Only then can the bot make a proper calculation of the time required to wake-up.


43. deno - July 1, 2007

Hi Pawnee

I found bug in travianbot. In line 207 (travian.rb) we have this:

$lagerbestaende[lager-1] = d[0].to_i

in my opinion we should have something like this:

$lagerbestaende[4-lager] = d[0].to_i

In Your version, bot takes values to $lagerbestaende in reverse. In efect, he calculate wrong time to wake up.
Sorry for my English:)

44. den - July 1, 2007

Hip, i didn`t refresh my browser, so a didn’t seen your post. :).

45. Hip - July 1, 2007

Hip’s butt-ugly work-around:
!!! first make a copy of your current travian.rb file !!!

In section
‘#Globale Variabelen initialisieren’ ( after line 53) add:
$stored_temp = [0,0,0,0]

This declares an array of 4 elements

Line number: statement
298 end
299 puts Time.new

Between lines 298 and 299, insert:
#Hip’s little workaround
while i

46. Hip - July 1, 2007

crap… let me do that again…

47. Hip - July 1, 2007

test pasting….

48. Hip - July 1, 2007

Pasting my workaround dies on the “smaller than sign”, which is interpreted as a html thingy.

Let’s try this then… (using the tag)

Hip’s butt-ugly work-around:
!!! first make a copy of your current travian.rb file !!!

In section
‘#Globale Variabelen initialisieren’ ( after line 53) add:
$stored_temp = [0,0,0,0]

This declares an array of 4 elements

Original code:
Line number: statement
298 end
299 puts Time.new

Between lines 298 and 299, insert:

#Hip's little workaround
while i

Now let's see it this comes across as I intended 🙂

49. Hip - July 1, 2007

I’m starting to lose my patience…

Hip’s butt-ugly work-around:
!!! first make a copy of your current travian.rb file !!!

In section
‘#Globale Variabelen initialisieren’ ( after line 53) add:
$stored_temp = [0,0,0,0]

This declares an array of 4 elements

Original code:
Line number: statement
298 end
299 puts Time.new

Between lines 298 and 299, insert:

#Hip's little workaround
while i

50. Hip - July 1, 2007

I give up.
Pawnee, send me an e-mail, and I’ll send you the workaround. You can paste it in this message board.


51. den - July 2, 2007

Hip, tell me about your problem once again. I had change line 207 in travian.rb and bot works very well.

52. Hip - July 5, 2007

Hi Den,
See my post of july 1st for a description of the bug in the script.
My recent outbursts of frustration was that I couldn’t post my workaround on this forum 🙂
But anyways, my workaround is like:
Read the array and store it in a new array in reverse order
Then read the new array, and plonk that back (in the correct order) in the original array.
Like I said, a bit of a kludge… but it works.

Looking at line 207 (or there about) it seems to me you’ve a more elegant soluition. Care to post it?


53. Marco - July 10, 2007

Great work, nice upgrade !

54. Konstantin - July 11, 2007

I have got the problem!

MAIN_URL = ‘http://speed.travian.de/’

then from cmd promt
ruby travian.rb USERNAME password 1.2.3 0

but nothing happends, i see for 1 second black window and thats all

plz Help!!!

55. pawnee - July 11, 2007

Thats strange. If the program starts you should get at least one output e.g.

I wrote some random sleeps to simulate the human behavior. So at the start it takes 3-4 seconds until the first outputs appears. Try to add a puts test at the beginning of the code to see if the program starts.


56. Konstantin - July 11, 2007

the same thing 😦

57. Konstantin - July 11, 2007

i got it, he cant find ruby.exe
I make a little video (2sec) and i see now what he whrite
“C\ruby\bin\ruby.exe: No such file or dirctory –C\Dokumente “

58. Konstantin - July 11, 2007

but ruby.exe is in C\ruby\bin\
what can i do now???

59. Hip - July 13, 2007

By the sound of it, you are running the bot using “start – run…”
At least, that explains to me why you see a black window for two seconds )

Try this:
Start – run
type “cmd” in the dialog box.
Now you get a command window. Enter the bot command here.

60. Konstantin - July 15, 2007

Hip tnx, but I see that now:

I, [2007-07-16T00:12:15.343000 #488] INFO — : Travianbot wird gestartet
I, [2007-07-16T00:14:48.859000 #928] INFO — : Travianbot wird gestartet
I, [2007-07-16T00:31:44.484000 #876] INFO — : Travianbot wird gestartet

and it happens nothing more…

61. travian fun - July 17, 2007

I appriciate for your work, it helps me so mutch! (I don’t waste my time 🙂 )

I would like to ask, my server doesn’t allow the multiple user, so, i’m little bit fear about the cookies, what the script put in my computer.
Can the cookies causes problem?
I red, than I can run your script paralell, but I use the same time the browser too.

Sorry for my english

62. travian fun - July 18, 2007

one more thing:

Can I set the user agent for anything?

Like this (I copy from the Firefox about page):

‘User-Agent’ => ‘Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060111 Firefox/’,

63. Hip - July 18, 2007

The error that you get:
“C\ruby\bin\ruby.exe: No such file or dirctory –C\Dokumente “
does not mean that your pc can’t find ruby, but that it looks for something in c:\dokumente

Try this:
Open a command window, and cd to c:\ruby\bin
then run the command, and let us know what happens


64. Konstantin - July 19, 2007

Yes!!! Thank you very much! Now it works fine for me too!!!
large praise!!

65. dax - July 20, 2007

Im just wondering if you could clarify the whole night mode thing. I tried to find something in the code about it and how to activate it, and if there any parameters between which times the bot should build and when it shouldnt but i couldnt. But other than that great program.

66. Hip - July 21, 2007

The logic of night-mode can be found in the #MAIN section of travian.rb; from line 378 onwards.
Hint: in line 381 you’ll find an exclamation mark before $nightmode.
This is the equivalent of ” NOT $nightmode = true ”

So if $nightmode is set to “false” then the IF statement in iine 381 is true, and line 382 will be executed.

Setting nightmode:
At the beginning of the travian.rb file, look for the ===Settings === section.
There you’ll find at line 20, $nightmode = false
If you change that to $nightmode = true, then the bot will build through the night

67. Hip - July 21, 2007

Pawnee, question for you matey.
In the screen output I occasionally see:

cookie exists
cookie gultig
[:start_elem, “h1”,{}]
— Hourly Resource production —-

I wonder what the start_elem statement is supposed to be.
Guessing, that it looks for a line on the web-page that has the H1 property (which would be the name of the village) ?


68. Hip - July 21, 2007

Pawnee, another question for you
You mention that a ruby session can be started for each village that you have. Hmm, yes but over time, you will notice that the session for village 0 may switch focus to village 1. (After a while, both sessions may swith to village 0… unpredictable behaviour in any case)

My guess is that it has something to do with cookies.
You have an idea what causes this ?


69. sagitta - July 30, 2007

maybe if you get time you could build in a “checker” that check if it can build any of the other things in the quene…. 🙂


70. rotaryqm - July 30, 2007

I have installed ruby, a new program for me so I must be doing something wrong 😛

I looked at the advise given to konstantin, as I am having a similar problem. If I click on travian.rb, it opens up a black box that closes in 2 seconds.

So I went to run -> cmb which opened up a black box, I assume a “command box”.

I typed cd C:\ruby\bin

then I typed ruby.exe

then I typed ruby travian.rb rotaryqm MYPASSWORD 221992(my village ID)

then it told me 2 parenthesize arguements, along with a tFLOAT syntax error, expecting $end

If this makes no sense to you, let me know, is there any help for this?

71. Lelik - August 1, 2007

all work on speed russian server. Thank’s!
but not recognized russian login/password.
If login/password on english – all work.

72. slh - August 2, 2007

im gettin this msg when i type the command:

ruby travian.rb LOGIN PASS 15.39 0
-:1: warning: parenthesize argument(s) for future version
-:1: warning: parenthesize argument(s) for future version
-:1: warning: parenthesize argument(s) for future version
-:1: syntax error, unexpected tINTEGER, expecting $end

pls help
thx slh

73. slh - August 2, 2007

PLS any1 know how to help me in the previus post?.

I dont know what im doing wrong.

74. Phoenix - August 4, 2007

i have the same problem, when i start travian.rb, a black box appears and then immediatly dissapear. I have never worked with this program before so i think i make a mistake. but another question: how does the program knows on witch server he needs to do the actions?

sorry if there are some mistakes in my language, greetz from belgium

75. Hip - August 5, 2007

you almost got it right.
Instead of your village id, use “0” for your first village, “1” for the second village, and so on.
You don’t have to supply the real village id, because travian knows your login, and therefore also knows your first village (village 0 )

Open a command window first (aka dosbox… black terminal screen….etc)
then run the bot. see my post of july 18 for details.

Guessing.. use only western characters for username and password. just a hunch !!


76. mitza - August 6, 2007

hello , i have been trying to develop a very simple bot for building myself im quite new at programming , i am doing this through links , anyway when i want to build something the link has 2 variables a and c , i figured out what a meens but i have i have been trying to see what c is for some time now , it always takes values like: bc8 , f5a , c9f (for example) , i also studied this bot but all i could find related to variable c is : dataBuild = “a=#{buildId}&c=#{villageId}” so in your code c is village id …
my question is… what is this c variable ?

thx in advance

77. Alex - August 8, 2007

can anyone tell me where i must put my pass and user …in travian.rb..ok but which line ?

78. GlaDooo - August 8, 2007

I play on s3.travian.com When I open travian.rb, after a while it is closed. If I shall open this file in Ruby and I shall choose Tools – Go it writes:
“Error: less arguments ——-
usage: travian.rb username passwd buildqueue dorfid
>Exit code: 1”.
What I so do?

79. tom - August 8, 2007

What you can do is LEARN some english, this will help You .

80. GlaDooo - August 8, 2007

Can maybe somebody help me:
when i put these parameters into the travian.tb file:

#dynammic Settings
… = ARGV[0]
… = ARGV[1]
2.3.4 = ARGV[2].split(‘.’)
$dorfId = ARGV[3]

i get the error:

travian.rb:43: no . floating literal anymore; put 0 before dot
2.3.4 = ARGV[2].split(‘.’)
travian.rb:43: parse error, unexpected tINTEGER
2.3.4 = ARGV[2].split(‘.’)
>Exit code: 1

can somebody help me?
(i use the right pass and username)

81. Lelik - August 10, 2007

GlaDooo (16:22:13) :
if you want edit travian.rb and dont use command line parameters, then replace:
if ARGV.length 4

on this:

#if ARGV.length 4
# sleep(ARGV[4].to_i)

82. Lelik - August 10, 2007

GlaDooo, try this:
#if ARGV.length 4
# sleep(ARGV[4].to_i)

83. Joacix - August 10, 2007


Running on http://s2.travian.se/ or http://s3.travian.dk/ I get:
— Login ——————
(!!) error: cannot authorize

I run : ruby travian.rb loginname password 0
Ruby is latest version running on linux.

84. pawnee - August 10, 2007

hello together

as you can see on the number of comments of forum would be a better platform to discuss. so if someone is interested in hosting and admin a forum for this bot post a comment with a link to the forum you’ve created. I will post a link from this site.
Important: It should be a forum for it self. No Travianteam Subforum.
thanks pawnee

85. Ghostrider - August 11, 2007

I have some problems, I have installed ruby en copied the files in to the map c:\\ruby. But after this, I don’t know what to do anymore. Edit travian.rb? Or? A manual could really help me out.

It seems a lot of people are having problems, maybe a small manual can be maid for the bot? I would really like to have a queu bot, but even all the commands (that I have read 2 times) together can’t make cleare what I’m supposed to do.

86. hans_peter - August 12, 2007

I have a problem with the start:
How can I install ruby?

87. LOBOMINATOR - August 12, 2007

Hello hans_peter
Next time try to be as specific as possible about the OS your using etc. That helps alot for us!
I assume you have windows

1. Go http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/
2. Download Ruby 1.8.x One-Click Installer
3. Install & Enjoy


88. Dax - August 12, 2007

If youd like, i created a simple organized forum to use and keep track what is all being discussed for this project. You can check it out at http://nova.ipbfree.com.

89. Dax - August 12, 2007

Sorry, url formatting went wonky. It’s http://nova.ipbfree.com/index.php

90. pawnee - August 13, 2007

Thank you Dax. I’ve linked the forum in this post. It would be nice if you could change the main title (iPBFree).

91. hans_peter - August 13, 2007

thxs for your help, ruby runs but I have another question:
How….where……can I change the adress to the server?

92. pawnee - August 13, 2007

edit the travian.rb. its commentated in the file.

93. larapio - August 18, 2007

Can i turn off the computer whyle the bot is sleeping??

imagine if i have a huge que… will it stop once i turn off the computer?

94. Daniel Way - August 19, 2007

I’ve tried this program so many times but when i try running it it appears for less than a second, but i managed to read what it says and it says “To Many Arguments” How can i fix this?

95. travian bot for building dorf1 « be cool - August 22, 2007
96. tom - August 22, 2007

b cool> what language is it?

97. danbboy - August 24, 2007

hi, where can you accually download ruby??

98. Daniel Way - August 26, 2007

c< cool wat language? We cannot understand :V

99. Daniel Way - August 29, 2007

Hey thanks Pawnee for making this it works great =D im very near the top on the new uk speed server 🙂 24/7 playing ftw!

100. Øystein Soteland - September 4, 2007

Nice! Tried this early June, but could’nt get it working. Worked all summer on a script of my own while playing travian the “old fashioned” way. Thought I’d give it another try and Wow; You really created a bot that works.

One thing: if I’ve got 10 towns than needs building, can i start the bot like this:
ruby travian.rb user pass 123456 34567
ruby travian.rb user pass id1.id2.id2.id3 newdid1 id1.id2.id2.id3 newdid2 id1.id2.id2.id3 newdid3 …etc.


101. muffl0n - September 7, 2007

Are there any known ruby version problems? Works perfect on my work-machine
ruby 1.8.5 (2006-12-04 patchlevel 2) [x86_64-linux]
but fails on my server:
ruby 1.8.2 (2005-04-11) [i386-linux]


102. muffl0n - September 7, 2007

Forgot to mention: Fails with:
— Login ——————
(!!) error: cannot authorize

Using exactly the same parameters on both machines (c&p)

103. Alex - September 9, 2007

it works, with iron and so on
can i also make it work for build warriors o do research?
goodbye at all

104. Alex - September 9, 2007

i don’t know if it recheck the production after the finishing of a buiding (for istance the mine was alt level 2 and it pass at level 3, so it produce +3 of iron each hour)
can someone answer me?

105. Øystein Soteland - September 10, 2007

Does anyone know of any bots that can send resuorsces between your own towns? Or do you have any plans of making suck a feature, pawnee?
Anyway, thanx so far, I finally managed to free up some time to other stuff like… work…

106. Waz - September 15, 2007

Does it work in parallel? If I play on 2 different servers?
and How do I do to build in two different villages on the same login? Can I enter multiple village id’s?

// Waz

107. Xoe - September 17, 2007

I was having some problems getting this to work on s5.travian.com and narrowed it down to having to add the following to the $headers hash at the top of travian.rb:

‘CONTENT-TYPE’ => ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’

108. McMIni - September 21, 2007


omg this is a nice program 😛

109. Serial - September 30, 2007

Anyone still alive? Check the forum! Well I got it working now… But I still have many questions left over.. one of them is in the forum.

110. Serial - October 6, 2007

you done an excellent job updating it. I liked how you made a better instruction for beginners like myself. 😛 now it makes a lot more sense than it has ever been. Plus nice theme. Love the colors. I have a lot of questions, so I want to hear your opinion of it. Thank you so much

111. flying_fortress - October 8, 2007

–> This set of rules is an addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Travian. You should familiarize yourself with the General Terms and Conditions to verify what is allowed and especially consult them in the case of an account that has been banned for a violation of the rules. §7 of the General Terms and Conditions is especially important!

–> §7,V:
The user is only entitled to use the game through normal web browsers. Any further use of additional programs, scripts or other supporting tools is expressly prohibited. Disregard of this provision may, after a prior warning notice, lead to an immediate freeze or deletion of the account concerned, as well.

112. Alex - October 12, 2007

it doesn’t work any longer.
i used it, but now it doesn’t work!!!
not login
anyone has the same throuble?
I’m on the italian server speed:

113. Grga - October 16, 2007

First of all I need to thank the author for this helpfull bot.
Some of my observatrions:
– how to modify useragent reply for NEW Firefox on Windows system (if you change only the first line with version no., is not the same with the rest of header)
– turning the night mode off completly by removing lines 381-383 (building regardles of current time, because I also get wrong time zone (my depend on a cookie), but it seems to wake up at a right time)
– did anyone got banned from travian using this bot


114. sweer - October 21, 2007

i love yhis bot especiallly for school hours but i just wondering if its possible to edit it as a farming bot aswell, like u just set parameter I(coordinates, number of troops and what kind,)then they gocome back and the bot runs again

i dunno just speculating

115. lollipop - October 24, 2007

it wont work!!

116. LuVar - October 27, 2007

Try this one version… https://dawn.ynet.sk/~luvar/travianBot/

I tunned up your bot, but I cannot find your mail. Please send me some mail, and I send you tunned bot.

For example, it is now showing building queue:

37 39 39 39 25 1 40 *

It is also capable to “autobuild” resources upgrades.

I dont know, from witch version I modifi it. Just try 🙂

117. Rusakko - November 8, 2007

Hi, let’s put this post here also!
First I want to say thanks, THANKS.

Second, I modified little your code and made travian market bot from it
My market bot can send resources from one village to another. It runs with crontab and ruby. configuration is as easy as original bot. It can also send resources after some time if you don’t want to use crontab and continuous sending.

Let me know if somebody is interested to test and use my bot.

118. pawnee - November 8, 2007


If you upload (e.g. rapidshare) your bot and send me a link i will host the bot on this page and publish it next to my and Allans bot after i went througt the code.


119. Rusakko - November 8, 2007

sure i can upload it
there you go
tell me what you think

120. Foksiu - November 12, 2007

i will help you testing the market bot, it will be a big help when you feed your troops 🙂 i have a question. that market bot sends crop and stuff once or over and over again? and i want to be sure it have to look like that:
c:\b\ruby travian.rb 27 20 0 0 0 50000 5 -5 20

1 – 27 market id
2 – 20 id vill.
3,4,5 – 0 – number of resources
6- 50000 number of crop
7,8 – target x / y
9 – 20 – waittime but it is in hours? minints? secounds?

cheers, thanks for the build bot ;D

121. Captain Nemo - November 13, 2007

Everybody having trouble with authorization- The script cannot deal with spaces in your username. I used %20 instead, and it worked fine. Otherwise, it gets mixed up. This is because of little quirks in all sorts of places, but it’s REALLY important to remember. Pawnee, it would be awesome if you could mention this in the guide.

–Captain Nemo

122. satanuke - November 14, 2007

Hello friends, I have just created this simple GUI to launch the bot, its not much. But it should help some people.
Its for windows only.
You must install the Ruby with the download link on the website and then place this launcher on the same folder of travian.rb.
You also need to edit travian.rb to meet your needs.

The GUI allows you to just click the buildings to add them to the build queue.


123. TeeAaTeeUu - November 22, 2007

Is it possible that someone would program nightmode from orinal bot into the allans autobot.

I already made it use 5min random time but wasn’t able to get the bot when wanted 😀

124. psLbot - November 26, 2007

Bot works on speed server.
Cool 🙂

Any upcming features pawnee :P?

125. mikael - December 8, 2007


Do I have to put [] when I write the username and password in cmd?

I put them and I got a message saying:
(!!) error: cannot authorize

P.S.: i’m playing on http://speed.travian.fr/

126. Will - December 16, 2007

Hi! Can anyone tell me whether the bot works when the computer is off?

127. Graham - December 18, 2007

I hope everyone knows that if they’re username is more than one word, such as: The Killer, the name would actually be The%20Killer

128. Graham - December 18, 2007

Oh, man, this thing actually works!!! I was expecting it to die as soon as it tried to do something, but it actually triggered a build.

I am officially using this for the rest of my time with travian.

129. stefan - December 20, 2007

when i was come to part 3 to edit the travian.rb it just pops up a black window and shuts down and i dont understand what ruby helps can u plz show me at camera if u have on msn plz my email is stefan.jovi@hotmail.com

130. Melina - December 20, 2007

very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

131. spUNK - December 28, 2007

I modified and duplicated the travian.rb file. I created one for every village and set the different vilage id and I also put in my username an pass. In this way a only have to type in name of the file and building queue.
Pretty clever, aren’t I?:p

132. @Will - December 28, 2007


no it wont. the ruby script has to run…

133. flag182 - December 30, 2007

I’ve just downloaded the bot and i’m trying to get it installed and run it as soon as i can. But i have a doubt… is this bot compatible with portuguese servers, or spanish?
Please answer

134. flag182 - December 30, 2007

I made it :D. The bot is already running in the server. WOW, i never thought that someone could really develop such a perfect bot, giving all the information we need to make it run. I’m not even a programmer and i could maje it work. Congratulations pawnee!

135. travian - December 31, 2007

Does the bot keep running if I turn off the computer??
Plz answer, I really need to figure that out

136. Alex - January 1, 2008

Your stuff is perfect, guy 😀

I’m a programmer too and wrote some scripts for Travian too.
I like your style and I think, this is a great thing, you’ve worked out .
Keep on ;D

137. NixoN - January 6, 2008

Hello, I’ve got one question.. Can i somehow build soldiers or army ? For example Swordsman.. What I have to do.. ? PS: I apologize but my english is not perfect.. 😦

138. ForwarD - January 10, 2008

Thanks, it works fine for me on russian speed server (rux).

Where can I download GUI for this bot? (rapidshare link above doesn’t work)

139. Pl4YA - January 11, 2008

your bot doesnt work anymore on the .org server, its a pitty mate 😦

140. Eicca - January 11, 2008

Hey, how come I get the error:

./ymhtml.rb:586:in `parseDTD’: DOCTYPE parse error: “!DOCTYPE” (YmHTML::ParseErr
from ./ymhtml.rb:913:in `parse’
from travian.rb:136:in `authorize’
from travian.rb:384
from travian.rb:375:in `each’
from travian.rb:375

I have tried to delete the < from line 585, but it wont work.

Please, help me! :O

141. flaggy - January 11, 2008

I’m getting the same error as Eicca.
Please, someboy help us :O

142. mmlind - January 12, 2008

same error here
is the doctype changed somehow in the travian pages

143. forum - January 12, 2008

For all who have the doctype problem:
check out the travianbot forum


as you can see you have to change a line in the ymhtml.rb

144. Eicca - January 12, 2008

That fix wont work.

145. forum - January 12, 2008

Too bad. It worked for me 🙂

146. jim - January 13, 2008


I have a bug :

Required Available Production Time(s)
0 25177 297 0
0 19827 297 0
0 29863 264 0
0 13382 66 0
(!) Wake up @:Sun Jan 13 16:05:53 +0100 2008
cookie exists
cookie g³ltig
[:START_ELEM, “h1”, {}]
— Hourly Resource Production ——
Lumber: 297
Clay : 297
Iron : 264
Crop : 64
— Supply ——————
Supply Lumber : 25191/37900
Supply Clay : 19841/37900
Supply Iron : 29875/37900
Supply Crop : 13385/14400
Sun Jan 13 16:06:02 +0100 2008
(!) ID 33 is under construction
(!) Time: 207944 seconds
(!) Wake up @:Wed Jan 16 01:52:15 +0100 2008

207944 seconds meens 3 days! and it took only one hour to build

can somebody help me please?

147. Henver1993 - January 16, 2008


I think it’s a good script!
Login works but then:

./ymhtml.rb:586:in ‘ParseDTD’: DOCTYPE parse error: “!DOCTYPE”

from ./ymhtml.rb:913:in ‘parse’
from travian.rb:136:in ‘authorize’
from travian.rb:384
from travian.rb:375:in ‘each’
from travian.rb:375

Can somebody help me please?


148. Pl4YA - January 18, 2008

reading the required ressources seems to be messed up for me. does anyone notice the same? did the travian admins change some code? im running your bot on the german .org server…

149. Pl4YA - January 18, 2008

ok, my problem just occurs when i try leveling Heldenhof, Werkstatt, Stall and Kaserne…

150. Pl4YA - January 18, 2008

lol ok i got it. they changed the fields where the script grabs the prices 😉

151. pedrolopes - January 27, 2008

Hello i am portuguese and i dont understand what i have to do
I talk very litle english
Can you put de words/text on portuguese by using a translater?

I will be waithing…

Good game
Im from portuguese server pt5

152. rally - January 28, 2008

I just found it didnt work right a few minutes ago

heres the message following

./ymhtml.rb:586:in `parseDTD’: DOCTYPE parse error: “!DOCTYPE” (YmHTML::ParseError)
from ./ymhtml.rb:913:in `parse’
from tw2.rb:136:in `authorize’
from tw2.rb:384
from tw2.rb:375:in `each’
from tw2.rb:375

153. pascabot - January 31, 2008

im getting the same error as #1521 #147, #140

154. kerasa - February 4, 2008

i tried on the portuguese server s2.travian.pt and I always get
error: cannot authorize

Im very sure my login/password is correct..
Any idea maybe?

155. kerasa - February 4, 2008

problem resolved, i forgot to change the server, inside the code…


156. SMascarilha - February 5, 2008

HI everybody,

I can’t access to the forum.
I can’t use the bot because the same error you said to check the forum for a solution.

Could you post here what we should do to fix the error?

Best Regards

157. portuguese - February 7, 2008

Hey everyone. I’m Portuguese, too.

I suggest all you guys who can’t get this bot running to visit userscripts.org and check out for all travian scripts. There’s a really good script called Travian task queue which can do exactly the same thing as this bot does and even more. I’m talking about sending your troops to farm all day long, it’s really great :D. Try it and tell me if you got any problems

158. Daniel Way - February 11, 2008

How come the autotrav gets stuck on saying need 1 clay and it does this for ever… how do i fix this?

159. Marcc - February 14, 2008

hi, thx for your programm 🙂

I just wonna know who wrote the programm?
Bacause ists so cool, and usefull 😉
I’am playing travian myself, in the german worlds.

So however wrot this programm, could you contact me?
Becaus i have some questions(which i cant write in here)
SO this is my email adress: marwink@bridgehouse.org.za
And skype: marc_winkler

I would be happy to here somthing from you

160. Sam - February 14, 2008

Seems to be an awesome program. What is your stance on modifying it and adding features to it? When I get a few minutes I was planning on doing some improvements.

161. dennis - February 17, 2008

doctype problem, how can it be fixed? the site suggested does not load.

162. Pingu - February 17, 2008

PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I don´t understand it!


In general you have to change the MAIN_URL and the name of the cancel-button.
4. Run the bot


1. Start > Run > ‘cmd’
2. change directory to your travianfolder. For example: cd c:\programs\travianbot\
3. ruby travian.rb [username] [password] [id.id.id.id] [villageid]


What should i do?




2. change directory to your travianfolder. For example: cd c:\programs\travianbot\
3. ruby travian.rb [username] [password] [id.id.id.id] [villageid]




163. Pingu - February 17, 2008

Hmmm. I found the problem, but what is whith the name? Every time ERROR

164. Pingu - February 18, 2008

C:/ruby/travian.rb:43: no . floating literal anymore; put 0 before dot
buildQueue =[25].split(‘.’)
C:/ruby/travian.rb:43: syntax error, unexpected tFLOAT
buildQueue =[25].split(‘.’)



165. BonBloch - February 29, 2008


does anybody have a Picture or some Information for me witch of Building ID’S (19-36) is for wich Buildingplace?

On the Mainpage is only a Information about Fields not for the Buildings.



166. we are the winners of eurovision - March 12, 2008

I shall try. Gold is expensive and doesnt make it faster. My behaviour bot would safe my time, and my life from waiting until 20+ buildings not constructed. I better make some eggs, and make clean my house on this time. Thank you if it works I shall be very happy. Best luck. Bye.

167. rally - March 13, 2008

help me!
— Login ——————
(!) accepted cookie: T3E=4ATNzUjOxcDNzIDN1AjMxojN6I2NhRjNzgDN4MjOh1Wa6VmW6AzN1cT
M6AzN1cTMjAzN1cTMjAzN1cTM; expires=Fri, 13-Mar-2009 15:51:11 GMT
c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:560:in `initialize’: Bad file descriptor – conn
ect(2) (Errno::EBADF)
from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:560:in `open’
from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:560:in `connect’
from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/timeout.rb:48:in `timeout’
from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/timeout.rb:76:in `timeout’
from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:560:in `connect’
from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:553:in `do_start’
from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:542:in `start’
from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:1032:in `request’
from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:769:in `get’
from tw3x.rb:199:in `authorize’
from tw3x.rb:384
from tw3x.rb:375:in `each’
from tw3x.rb:375

this occurs in a speed server

168. Demster - March 19, 2008

Hey all,

This is working sooooo well for me 🙂

I use this extra bot to help me http://rapidshare.com/files/69654911/TravianBot_GUI.zip.html

If you play travian not on http://www.travian.com you should change the ‘.com’ into ‘.nl’ ‘.be’ or something like that (depends of the country). You should change it in the ‘travian.rb’ which you can open with Ruby.

Good luck all and if there are questions about what I have just mentioned mail me: gordian.zomer@gmail.com

169. troita - March 23, 2008

I nEED help, plesase!!
I go to the lick to download ruby and i clicked in oneclick installer for windows, but where is the download link¿ i went in one that ask me for registration and cookies, is that¿ I have to registrer¿
Ask me please

170. troita - March 23, 2008


171. lolol - March 24, 2008

C:/ruby/travian.rb:43: no . floating literal anymore; put 0 before dot
buildQueue =[2].split(’.’)
C:/ruby/travian.rb:43: syntax error, unexpected tFLOAT
buildQueue =[2].split(’.’)
Please what is the error

172. Domskar - March 26, 2008

can somebody give me the instruction in german?
i have windows xp and play in travian de5

thanks for answers

173. steve - April 11, 2008

I installed ruby and the rb files but when i try to open the travian rb it just opens and then closes a command prompt type box… what do i do

174. steve - April 11, 2008

ok i got it working but what is up with it working at night and what is up with the wake up time… please explain this

175. itsme - April 14, 2008


Earn money with this autoclicker – the best software ever!
Instructions included in the file.

And the best thing – it fucking works! 😉

176. OttomaN - April 16, 2008

Everybody says help me help me ? Somebody must make picture or Video about this FUCKiNG Program

177. Sture - April 20, 2008

dont get a thing how to install and run this bot.
Can you please tell moore exaxtlyhow to do it?

178. Tom - April 24, 2008

Hmm i have a problem.
i have 5 villages
when i put the bot on.
it works correctly but after some upgraded fields he get the fields of another village of my so it costs to mutch.
Someone have that problem too?
btw i put the village ID after the cmd line.

179. gamer - April 28, 2008


Error on the german speed server since 15:00 on Monday, 28.04.2008;

./ymhtml.rb:586:in `parseDTD’: DOCTYPE parse error: “!DOCTYPE” (YmHTML::ParseError)
from ./ymhtml.rb:913:in `parse’
from travian-de.rb:136:in `authorize’
from travian-de.rb:384
from travian-de.rb:375:in `each’
from travian-de.rb:375

180. cheater:D - May 1, 2008

watch http://travianbot.de.vu (german) for another bot!!

181. Muddley - May 2, 2008

Please post an image with the number from 19 at 36 please!!!! Thankyou for the beatifull and multiplataform bot!!!

182. Ayudame!!! Fuego! - May 8, 2008

This thread got so far away from the original purpose. Someone who has gotten this bot to work successfully needs to step up and write a concise instruction manual for everyone who can’t speak code. You guys can answer a complex question, but cannot even carefully explain how to get it running. I for example downloaded ruby and the bot. But lack of experience is preventing me from doing anything. Can someone please fill me in? Paste what where? run what exactly? the code part i think i got, but the part about where to write it is puzzling. thanks in advance to the first man to step up…

183. Alexander - May 8, 2008

pawnee… Great work!!!


184. bbyfzo - May 12, 2008

i tried many hours :S
but now it works 😀
nice one

185. Daniel Way - May 12, 2008

182. Ayudame!!! Fuego! – May 8, 2008

This thread got so far away from the original purpose. Someone who has gotten this bot to work successfully needs to step up and write a concise instruction manual for everyone who can’t speak code. You guys can answer a complex question, but cannot even carefully explain how to get it running. I for example downloaded ruby and the bot. But lack of experience is preventing me from doing anything. Can someone please fill me in? Paste what where? run what exactly? the code part i think i got, but the part about where to write it is puzzling. thanks in advance to the first man to step up…

There is a decent explaination on how to use it, you are obviously tooo much of a noob to do anything…if you can’t learn to use it…don’t!

186. ss - May 13, 2008

I run the bot on a foreign server.

Every looks well in the beginning
it says login>> cookie accepted, etc
and then it reads the hourly production rate and such, however it all appears 0. and then benneath it as a result all the queues are zero and then it says sth like 5 does not have enough resource to build

What’s wrong with it? Did i not do sth

187. Linux - May 23, 2008


here you can find a bot:

Language Status:

.CO.UK English ok
.COM WorldWide ok
.PT Portuguese ok
.BR Brazilian ok
.SE Swedish ok
.FR French ok
.DE German ok
.ES Spanish ok
.FI Finland (test needed)
.SI Slovenia ok
.BG Bulgaria (test needed)
.CH Switzerland (test needed)
.CAT Catalan (test needed)
.CZ Czech Republic (test needed)
.IT Italy (test in progress)
.HU Hungary (test needed)
.GR Greece (test needed)
.DK Denmark (test needed)
.HR Croatia (test needed)

188. fajar - June 4, 2008

help me please….
i use this bot, in travian.rb i change MAIN URL with this

and then i run travian.rb
>ruby travian.rb usrname passwd 0
the result is
(!!) error: cannot authorize

189. Piz - June 16, 2008

pawnee, take a look below.

cookie exists
.ymhtml.rb:586:in ‘parseDTD’ : DOCTYPE parse error: “DOCTYPE”
from ./ymhtml.rb:913:in ‘parse’
from travian2.rb:136:in ‘authorize’
from travian2.rb:384
from travian2.rb:375:in ‘each’
from travian2.rb:375

why it happen like that? I cannot use the bot anymore. Somebody please help me..

190. Edig - June 25, 2008

Hi i try to enter to


and it appear me error 403 I DONT GET PERMISSION

191. DaPunisher - June 25, 2008

I got same problem than Piz.

./ymhtml.rb:586:in `parseDTD : DOCTYPE parse error: “!DOCTYPE”
From ./ymhtml.rb:913:in ´parse´
From travian.rb:136:in ´auhtorize´
from travian.rb:384
from travian.rb:375:in ´each´
from travian.rb:375

My settings in travian.rb
MAIN_URL = ‘http://s4.travian.com/’ # important: dont forget the slash / at the end
$cancelImageName = ‘cancel’ #the name of the image which is used to cancel a job. (looks like a red X)
$nightmode = false #set it TRUE if the bot should build during the night
$randSleeptime = 300

192. Edig - June 25, 2008

Hi i modifiy the this that up say put ?del_cookie in login.php and START_URL and it work but i left it all the night and it don’t refrech :s and i try to put it again these morning and i can’t it appearme allot of things and it close :S

can some one help me?

193. cheater:D - June 28, 2008

hey pawnee,
i’ve written a travian bot in a complete new way…
maybe we can merge our projects…

i didn’t find your email anywhere,so i hope you send a mail

194. PE - June 29, 2008

./ymhtml.rb:586:in `parseDTD’: DOCTYPE parse error: “!DOCTYPE” (YmHTML::ParseError)
from ./ymhtml.rb:913:in `parse’
from travian.rb:136:in `authorize’
from travian.rb:384
from travian.rb:375

Same problem here…

195. Mikro - July 4, 2008

ok, i have the same problem as many here:

error: cannot authorize

I went trough the forum twice and no one has written anything about how to fix this problem. I folowed the instructions carefully and it always ends the same.

196. Kemblin - July 9, 2008

you might have visited my website already. I’m the programmer of the Coconut bot, I’m still working on the bot (in fact I restarted from scratch since yesterday) but a starters version can already (tomorrow) be downloaded from my website.

The starters version has the same functionality as this bot, so if this one doesn’t work you might try it out.

It’s at http://coconut.lemonhosting.com/


197. Kemblin - August 7, 2008

The Coconut bot moved to http://www.travianbot.eu/

198. I don't know - September 17, 2008

moooother fuckerssss
you going to take on the yours cute
I want to hack at travian : http://www.travian.com.br/

199. robis - November 4, 2008

./ymhtml.rb:799:in ‘parse’:cdatamust be in document element: “No input file specified.\n” (YmHTML: ParseError)
from travian.rb:136:in ‘authorize’
from travian.rb:384
from travian.rb:in ‘each’
from travian.rb:375

how to deal with this error ?? ?

200. Nemanja - January 1, 2009

hi i have a problem can anybody wrote me how?

when set all thing i to run cmd cd c:\travian
and then what to white?can someone give me a exlample with username trap and pass 00

can work on speed.travian.ba?
my english is bad:(

201. C programmer - January 7, 2009

Something is not right at present with this script. Some months ago it was working perfectly for me. But now we have still the same errors just after start the script:

e:\gry\travian\autotrav\ruby AutoTrav.rb 3
./ymhtml.rb:586: in ‘parseDTD’: DOCTYPE parse error: “!DOCTYPE” (YmHTML::ParseError)
from ./ymhtml.rb:913:in ‘parse’
from AutoTrav.rb:113:in ‘Cookie’
from AutoTrav.rb:456:in ‘Runner’
from AutoTrav.rb:518

I suppose that in travian code there were any changes done (to the html code webpage). Any correction to the script or help with my problem would be very appreciated. Really this script is very big job in my opinion. And please do something with this. We need patch or new version to continue the game with your great tool !

202. katie - February 25, 2009

i cant sign in2 my account! it says it has somthing 2 do with my ‘cookies’?? what do i do?

203. web rpg - March 29, 2009

I\’d get so much more work done if it wasnt for travian 🙂

204. dave - March 29, 2009

First of all sorry for my bad english.

Please explain me, how to install this travian bot, in which folder should I put travian and ymhtml.rb, how to install it, I can’t understand what should I do. THANKS FOR HELP!!

Greets, Dave

205. Haru - April 29, 2009

hello ,
when I start the Bot with ruby travian.rb [NAME] [passwd] [ID.ID.ID] [VillageID] , then appears there :

./ymhtml.rb:969:in `pare´: not opened end tag: “h5”

from travian.rb:136: in `authorize´
from travian.rb:384
from travian.rb:375: in `each´
from travian.rb:375

i have the correct directory and i need help … thank you

206. dreammers - May 14, 2009

hi im lost in how to config everthing???

207. wkanrf - December 18, 2009

hi, could you give me link to download the bot auto builder with no resourses??? free antivirus working

208. umtaaka7 - December 26, 2009

I want to share a travian bot program with you


209. XamaX - October 24, 2010

Please explain me what does this program do? How to use it? Sorry for being nooby 😀

210. Peyton Manning - December 6, 2011

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